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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Community Outreach Program

SOVAS has been operating the Violence Prevention Community Outreach Program (VPCO) since 2006. This program is funded by BC Gaming, community donations and grants since 2006.

The goals of the Violence Prevention Program include: 

1.      Raising awareness of sexual assault and violence in relationships and challenging stigma

2.      Connecting community members to services and encouraging community collaboration

3.      Building networks of leaders within the community and responding to community needs

4.      Identifying and changing social and community conditions. 

Raising awareness of violence in relationships and sexualized assault is an integral part of the Violence Prevention Community Outreach Program (VPCO) at the South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society (SOVAS). Often ‘domestic’ violence is considered to be a private matter, but by raising awareness it will encourage people to think differently about this issue, and to feel empowered to take action. Furthermore, it helps create a community that is responsive to these issues and supportive of individuals who are survivors of sexualized assault or violence in relationships.

Creating a community that is responsive and sensitive to issues facing sexualized assault survivors and individuals who have experienced violence in relationships can largely be done through public awareness. In addition to public awareness and education, SOVAS also focuses on connecting clients and community members to local services and resources.

SOVAS focuses on leadership development as a community engagement strategy both through volunteers and working alongside leaders in the community and community activists. The VPCO has a volunteer program that encourages community members to get involved with anti-violence programs, fundraising and public awareness.

We recognize the need to collaborate with agencies and leaders in our community for the overall health and well-being of the community as a whole. No one organization can do this in isolation.

SOVAS is largely aware of the social and community conditions that influence and affect the people we serve. The VPCO is committed to the awareness and analysis of oppression, practice of anti-oppression and community development.

This program is a vital component to ending the cycle of violence in our communities.

For more information about this program call SOVAS at 250-493-0800 ext. 206 or email:



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