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Men and Women's Counselling

Counselling Services for Men and Women 



SOVAS Counselors are professionals trained and specialize in trauma therapy. SOVAS supports adult women and men who have experienced any sexualized assault, violence in relationships, and family violence at any time in their lives.

The effects of trauma are many and long lasting and we recognize that it is often difficult to reach out for help. We are committed to addressing the individual needs of each client in a respectful, safe and confidential environment. We follow the client’s lead in terms of where they are ready to move in their healing journey. At the same time, in order to ensure the program is accessible to those that may be waiting, the counselling services are mid-range, rather than long-term.

The Women’s Counselling Program has been a part of SOVAS for almost twenty years with financial support from the Province of British Columbia. The Men’s Counselling program was started in January 2009, through the generous support of community grants and donations, in response to a long standing need for free counselling for men to address the effects of abuse in their lives.


For all our programs, individuals can either call us directly or be referred by another service provider.


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