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Impact of SOVAS


SOVAS providing our clients with tools to cope with their situation, men and woman’s councelling, court support, violence prevention and community resources, we empower individuals who have experienced abuse. We impact lives to hundres of lives every year. 


Our Mission

Is to serve and empower individuals of violence and abuse. SOVAS improves lives by by supporting and coaching individuals throughout the South Okanagan. 

Our Philosphy

 we strive to create an environment for growth based on respect, empowerment, choice and collaboration. This challenges violence and oppression and promotes individual and community wellness.

Our Values

  • Individuals are not responsible for the violence they experience.
  • Individuals who have experienced abuse have a right to support services.
  • Family and sexual violence are crimes. We advocate for a strong and creative community and justice system response that addresses the unique needs of individuals.
  • Violence affects the community as a whole. It is an individual and community responsibility to recognize and respond to violence.
  • Initiatives to address violence must continually examine and challenge society’s historical tolerance of power imbalances that perpetuate oppression.
  • Every individual is deserving of dignity, respect, inclusion, empowerment and choice.
  • Every individual is the expert in their own life and possesses an inherent potential for change, growth, self-fulfillment and wellness, as defined by them.

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